[sixties-l] apologies to Mr. Horowitz and list guidelines

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Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 21:32:53 CUT

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    To the list:

    I have belatedly realized that I have sent postings to the list which
    included disparaging remarks about David Horowitz personally. My apologies
    to Mr. Horowitz. This was an oversight that will not be repeated. I do not
    intend for this list to become a flame war between members. I reiterate
    below the relevant portion of the Sixties-L welcome message.

          5.The [rejected] post contained potentially offensive racist or sexist
            insults, or contained abusive language, or personal attacks
            (flaming) of other listmembers. (We understand that this rule
            will itself be controversial. What is and is not offensive is
            necessarily subjective. But in a volatile atmosphere, we prefer
            to err on the side of caution and to insist that posting
            members preserve an atmosphere of civility and reserve their
            attacks for others' arguments rather than their characters.)

    If the above is not clear, here's my personal feelings on the subject:

    I'm very liberal when it comes to tolerating IDEAS, but not
    tolerant in accepting personal attacks on particular persons who
    express their ideas on the list.

    I will still allow all posts in those areas about any ideas. Unlike
    much of the world of modern political correctness and speech policing,
    I tend to hold a very libertarian view which believes the best way to deal
    with false ideas is to give good reasons why they are false, rather than
    suppressing their expression. That policy applies, for me, to professions
    of ideas and claims of truth.

    But, when it comes to the expression of disapproval of persons for
    having expressed an idea, that I will not accept and will much more
    forcefully enforce that rule, applying it to direct name calling including
    the indirect attacking of persons on the list. Attack ideas -- no problem.
    Leave list members alone.

    I'm sorry if this policy makes some unhappy. I fully believe in the
    open exchange of ideas, but believe that exchange needs to be carried
    out in an aura of civility and mutual respect even for those professing
    ideas we think are totally wrongheaded and even hideous. Just make
    a good argument to show the argument is a bad one and leave the person
    making the argument out of it. That's what I'm asking. More than
    asking, that's what I'm making a condition for posting on this list.

    the modr8r

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