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From: David Horowitz (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 21:01:02 CUT

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    Of course you don't care. How about slavery? That's even more in the past. You
    don't care, because you're either too dumb (and your "syllogism" would make that
    the likeliest case) or you realize that the fact that the fact that an
    organization supported by every significant faction of the New Left was a criminal
    operation that murdered innocent people puts you and everybody like you on the
    wrong side of social justice and history in this case, and puts your sworn enemies
    the FBI, the police and Republicans on the side of the truth and justice. Tough
    break, huh?

    "J. R. Molloy" wrote:

    > >The reviewer claims that Cointelpro was the principal agent of the Panthers
    > >destruction. Since Cointelpro was folded in 1970 and all the Panther leaders
    > >-- Newton, Seale, Hilliard, Brown etc -- were involved in its
    > >self-destruction, I would like to hear how the government is to be blamed for
    > >this mess.
    > The government was the Panthers' role model.
    > The government was the biggest, baddest, most violent gang the Panthers knew.
    > The government was involved in its own self-destruction, AKA "mutual assured
    > destruction."
    > Cointelpro simply acted as a catalyst.
    > Or not. Who really cares after all these years.
    > --J. R.

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