Re: Query: examples of 60s bash/ads

Elizabeth Gips (
Thu, 20 Jun 1996 17:36:50 -0400

At 5:01 PM 6/12/96 -0400, EDWARD P. MORGAN wrote:
>I am continuing work on my writing about the revision of 60s history, with
>special attention to (a) classic statements of 60s-bashing/blaming the 60s for
>today's ills, etc. and (b) the mass media's (film, news media, advertising,
>etc.) continuing trivialization/sanitization/distortion of the 60s
>--ultimately with an eye on a book on "The Eclipse of Democracy."
Ted, I'm not sure what era of 60's bashing you'd like to see, but I'd like
to point out that it started then. Nixon, for instance, called Timothy
Leary "the most dangerous man in the world", and Leary was give aBAIL OF
FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR , an amount never before or afterwards even
approximated - and that was for two (2) joints!!!

You would be amazed at the personal perplexities I went through when,
having just closed down a business that did almost a half million the last
year, I sat next to a woman at the San Francisco medical school health
clinic and she moved away from me, saying, "You probably haven't taken a
bath in a week!"

love, Elizabeth

"Daddy, what did that man do to be so famous? Free the slaves?" A seven
year old at Timothy Leary's Memorial Service.
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