Query: examples of 60s bash/ads

EDWARD P. MORGAN (epm2@lehigh.edu)
Wed, 12 Jun 1996 17:01:17 -0400

I am continuing work on my writing about the revision of 60s history, with
special attention to (a) classic statements of 60s-bashing/blaming the 60s for
today's ills, etc. and (b) the mass media's (film, news media, advertising,
etc.) continuing trivialization/sanitization/distortion of the 60s
--ultimately with an eye on a book on "The Eclipse of Democracy."

It is hard to track down many of these things, even with the web &
lexis-nexis, so I would be very grateful for any examples that people can pass
my way of either good classics in 60s-bashing/blaming (e.g., Newt's speech
blaming McGovernites in 94 all the way back to LBJ & RMN) or examples of mass
media trivialization (e.g., ads that invert the meaning of original 60s
events/songs; news stories of events/anniversaries that distort; films, etc.).
Renny's citation of the SF news article on Vietnam clothing/ John Baky's
Vietnam commodification are the kind of thing I mean on the latter.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions....

Ted Morgan