Re: Pro-democracy movement; Cambodian play "Black Dawn"

Mark Bunster (
Thu, 20 Jun 1996 17:39:08 -0400

At 03:42 PM 6/19/96 -0400, Julia Stein wrote:

>Dear Martin,
>Well, we agree that there were voter registration drives for blacks in the
>South, but I think you play loose with underlying facts when you
>disconnect the "widesread youth movement" from the black civil rights

A quick response from a third party:
Berkeley, although certainly a visible, important and founding formation of
a "youth movement," cannot lay claim to the title of "widespread." That's
the distinction on size. There's also a distinction in terms of evolution.
By the mid-to-late 60's, as I'm sure you know, African Americans began
handling more and more of their own affairs in rallying for black civil
rights, and the overwhelming focus of any overall youth movement was fixed
on Vietnam in general, and the draft in particular. Was there an element of
black civil rights in that discussion?--of course, since it was
African-Americans in disproportionate numbers getting drafted and going off
to fight. On the other hand, that's a convenient stance with which to front
the fact that you're sitting in, marching out, etc, to avoid getting sent to
Nam your own self. Toss in the broader indictments against establishment
culture, economics and politics, and black civil rights are just one piece
of the puzzle.
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