The Failures of Modern Science

drieux H. (
Wed, 19 Jun 1996 15:43:57 -0400

I can Appreciate Dennis N. Randall's general
Assesment of the problems of attacking the
'ho chi mihn trail' being an illustration of
the dispropotionality of Weapon Systems Selected
for the Targets Acquired.

But there were some Core Problems in the USAF
about the Myth of Jets which helped facilitate
this problem, in that they were unwilling to
retain any of the 'low tech' solutions such as
the A-1E, which would still be around in the
support position for the Jolly Green Giants as
they went in to recover downed pilots.

We would see this same problem come around again
during the Persian Gulf War, since the Air Force
was about to DELETE the A-10 from it's inventory
when the 'ready availablity of massed tank formations'
were provided as a clear proof of the efficacy of
the A-10 design and mission envelop.

It goes low, it goes slow, it put's the Pilot's Butt
in a Titanium Bathtub.

What Dennis FAILS to point out is that the F-4 was the
first Jet Fighter designed as an 'gun free' weapon system.
That was ALSO a core Design Flaw which would come out in
air operations over north vietnam, where the USAF would
again learn the hard lessons of getting in close for the
'gun kill' - again, the horrors of the MYTHOLOGY of Modern
Science Triumphing over Common Sense.

{it's Naval Cousin, The USS Long Beach was the First All
Missile Cruiser, and would again acquire guns as an
after market product driven by REAL WORLD REALITIES! }

I think we can blame the "LIBERALS" for these COMPLETE
FAILURES of the sixties, since as the sign says on the
B-24 that tours the country:

"Jets are for kids."

Hum, if we Blame the LIBERALS for the failures of the
Military Industrial Complex, then does that make the
MIC a Liberal Institution? And if so, why didn't Reagan
cut it's budget????