[tei-council] nym/@parts

James Cummings James.Cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed Feb 1 17:39:55 EST 2012


In reading through things (and correcting non-schema things 
relating to an old bug assigned to me) I happened to notice:


The @parts attribute on <nym> is limited to 1 - 100 occurrences 
of data.pointer.  Although I can't picture a good use case for 
more than 50 myself... there are plenty of places where we allow 
1 - infinity pointers as an attribute value.  Why are we so 
specific that there can't be more than 100 on nym/@part in specific?

I ask this in full knowledge that I have hazy recollection of 
being part of the working group that introduced <nym>, but no 
recollection of the seemingly arbitrary limit in itself.

Just curious,


Dr James Cummings, InfoDev,
Computing Services, University of Oxford

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