[tei-council] when to do the release (was Re: Spec for @n (ticket # 3441933))

Gabriel Bodard gabriel.bodard at kcl.ac.uk
Fri Dec 9 12:28:53 EST 2011

I shan't be making any more changes between now and Monday (most likely 
until the end of the year, in fact).

Take her away.

On 2011-12-09 17:27, Kevin Hawkins wrote:
> I have implemented all tickets that i have hope of implementing in the
> near future.  The biblio gang has recently resumed our squabbles about
> how to fix content models, but I don't think we should hold up the
> release for this.
> On 12/9/2011 12:14 PM, Laurent Romary wrote:
>> Can I ask the council members at large if some have planned to finalize some implementations in the coming week-end. Depnding on answers, I would push the button this week-end or early on monday.

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