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Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Tue Nov 22 06:02:40 EST 2011

Many thanks for this florilegium ... which entirely persuades me (if 
there were any doubt) that the current statements in the Guidelines 
about the intended usage of these elements are in serious need of revision.

Leaving aside syntactic questions, would it be fair to say that for you 
at least the distinction between "signature" and "salute" is that the 
latter is always in the vocative -- it is ostensibly addressed to 
someone -- while the former is always (is there such a word?) 
"presentative" -- it always ostensibly presents the identity of the 
writer or signatory ?

This seems a plausible distinction, but even there it's easy to imagine 
(or to find) cases where the two are almost inextricably mixed.

I am (dear sir) your very humble servant


p.s. and I apologise again for not having paid more attention to your 
note back in september 2010 -- it was obviously too interesting to deal 
with at the time

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