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David Sewell dsewell at virginia.edu
Mon Nov 21 09:35:15 EST 2011


If I could add a note to this discussion of the semantics and content 
model of <signed> (and <closer>, etc.): this thread has spent time 
considering the requisite tagging for a list of signatures, but I don't 
believe anyone has discussed what to do with a table of signatures. In 
our Washington Papers (among many others), we often confront a document 
which in manuscript, and in printed representation, has in its closing a 
neatly formatted table of signatories. In encoding, it is desired to 
capture the tabular nature of the signatures. To my knowledge there is 
no really adequate P5 way of encoding a table of signatures as (1) a 
table with (2) semantic indication that it consists of signatures. 
(<cell> cannot contain <signed>, for what it's worth.)

For our local practice, we extended the content model of <closer> to 
allow <table>, but that's not really an ideal solution.


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