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Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Sat Nov 19 14:02:07 EST 2011

One thing this discussion shows up is the varying views of what <list>
is. In some minds, it is a block-level object, and abusive
in a phrase-level context. In other minds, it is a typographic
feature used widely all over the place, even within phrases 
(liked <signed>).

but this <signed> is a mess. The ancient Golden WItchbreed
have handed us down this thing with inherent contradictions
in its syntax and examples - either we make it so general
as to make it a clone of <closer>, or we refine it right down
but in so doing call Birnbaum down upon us. The intermediate
solution of leaving it syntactically unchanged, but
with the examples and prose making it closer to Lou's 
phrase-level vision, would seem the typically TEI fudge :-}

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