[tei-council] Further correction to the Genetic stuff

Pierazzo, Elena elena.pierazzo at kcl.ac.uk
Tue Nov 15 17:00:50 EST 2011

>Yes, I have this image, but I think it will take a bit of work to make
>it into a useful example. I was hoping for something a bit simpler...

Picky! You want real examples then you complain because they are not
textbook examples! I have now selected few more images for you:


I can do the zoning of any of them, just choose the one that comply with
your requirements.

>> 3.

>> a better caption is needed for the image: "Thomas More, _Lalla Rook_
>Hmnm. No MS identifier?

The MS is preserved at the Morgan Library, but I will write to Justin who
provided the example.

>> a better caption is needed. Something like W.Whitman, The sleepersŠ
>> Brett, I don't remember which of the version this represent. The
>> definition is also very bad, can the size be fixed?
>We really need a simpler and clearer example, I think.

I think this is very good example, actually, just the image is blurred

>8.  In the Change
>> discussion I cannot see any example where there are alternatives,
>> I.e. Two alternative chronologies or similar. This was one of the
>> requirement of the whole change section, so we should have a system
>> and an example. I can find an example but I need to know how this
>> will be handled.
>So far as I recall we never came up with a very satisfactory way of
>doing that. We experimented with timeline, and we experimented with
>graph, but eventually we decided to leave this problem to one side as
>being too hard to address in the first draft.

Mmmmh pity... I think it is an essential part. I would not hold the rest
of the material just for this, but I would open a ticket with this topic
in order to make sure we do it shortly.

>> That's all for the moment: I'm getting in touch with Gregor about the
>> Faust example that does not make any sense to me (I.e. The last on
>> the Change section).
>Good. I wonder if we should remove this section for the moment?

Yes, good idea.

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