[tei-council] Further correction to the Genetic stuff

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Tue Nov 15 16:17:27 EST 2011

Many thanks Elena for your comments!

I've acted on most of them -- see below -- and checked in this version, 
so the links below should pick up the latest version in a short while 
(assuming I havent upset Mr Jenkins)

On 13/11/11 16:49, Pierazzo, Elena wrote:
> 1.  I was supposed to provide an example of an opening with zone
> going across: attached (I also have an SVG version of this in case it
> is useful, let me know). The colours of the zone correspond to
> different times: pink then green then red. I also have a
> transcription of this example, but it is a it brutal: Lou let me know
> if you need it and what exactly and I'll try to edit it a bit. The
> image comes from
> http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b6000131k/f64.image.r=fonds+proust+NAF+16686.langFR
> The use is free for non commercial uses so far I can see, but some of
> them that understand better copyright should have a look at it.

Yes, I have this image, but I think it will take a bit of work to make
it into a useful example. I was hoping for something a bit simpler...

first paragraph: "By definition the result of a transposition is not
present in the document, and should not therefore be encoded, if the
intention is to record its actual state." -> "if the intention is to
encode the appereance of the document".

> 3.
> http://bits.nsms.ox.ac.uk:8080/jenkins/job/TEIP5-Documentation/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/Guidelines-web/en/html/PH.html#alter
> a better caption is needed for the image: "Thomas More, _Lalla Rook_

Hmnm. No MS identifier?

> 4.  Same section: I had a discussion with Brett about the use of<alt
> />  and he mentioned his perplexities about it, namely the use of
> @mode and the @weights. In the example there the @mode represent an
> editorial statement  that the alternatives pointed by @target were
> not intended to live together, I.e. The author did not intend to
> leave the two variants together in the final version; similarly the
> @weights attribute here express that  the second option is the
> preferred one as we happen not know that the author eventually chose
> the second option. I think some explanation like this (written in
> abetter an clearer English) should be provided together with the
> example and possibly some correction to the definition of<alt/>  and
> its attributes is needed.

OK, I added the following just before the cross ref to the <alt> 
elemnent. Note, btw, that the attribute is @target not @targets!

"The <att>mode</att> attribute here indicates that the two
possible readings indicated by the <att>target</att> attribute are
mutually exclusive. The <att>weights</att> attribute provides the
relative importance or preference to be attached to the two readings;
in this case, we have a very strong preference for the second reading
because this is the one that appears in  the published
version of the poem. "

> http://bits.nsms.ox.ac.uk:8080/jenkins/job/TEIP5-Documentation/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/Guidelines-web/en/html/PH.html#instant
> a better caption is needed. Something like W.Whitman, The sleepers…
> Brett, I don't remember which of the version this represent. The
> definition is also very bad, can the size be fixed?

We really need a simpler and clearer example, I think.

6.  Same section:
> the last paragraph before the XML example: "To indicate that the
> first of these acts must have taken place before the others, we might
> encode this revision campaign as follows:" ->  "To indicate that the
> first of these acts must have taken place at the same time of the
> main act of writing and before that any other written material was
> supplied on its right…" or similar as here the point is not that it
> was done before, but at the time of writing

Revised as follows:

"To indicate that the first of these acts must have
	 taken place during the main act of writing, before
          the other deletion and additions, we might encode this 
revision campaign as follows:"

> 7. http://bits.nsms.ox.ac.uk:8080/jenkins/job/TEIP5-Documentation/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/Guidelines-web/en/html/PH.html#PH-changes
> the paragraph starting with "Each change element, apart from
> declaring a distinct change…": I think the sentence "either by
> pointing from the change attribute target to one or more elements"
> should be clarified. I propose "either by pointing from the target
> attribute of change to one or more elements"

Now reads "The association of
       a textual component with a change is always made explicitly,
       either by using the <att>target</att> attribute on the
       <gi>change</gi> element to point to one or more elements, or
       (preferably) by pointing from the element or elements concerned
       to the <gi>change</gi> element by means of their
       <att>change</att> attribute:</p>"

8.  In the Change
> discussion I cannot see any example where there are alternatives,
> I.e. Two alternative chronologies or similar. This was one of the
> requirement of the whole change section, so we should have a system
> and an example. I can find an example but I need to know how this
> will be handled.

So far as I recall we never came up with a very satisfactory way of 
doing that. We experimented with timeline, and we experimented with 
graph, but eventually we decided to leave this problem to one side as 
being too hard to address in the first draft.

> That's all for the moment: I'm getting in touch with Gregor about the
> Faust example that does not make any sense to me (I.e. The last on
> the Change section).

Good. I wonder if we should remove this section for the moment?

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