[tei-council] P5 use of rend in examples

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Sun Nov 13 12:02:41 EST 2011

See below ...

On 11/13/2011 11:34 AM, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>> http://www.tei-c.org/SIG/Libraries/teiinlibraries/main-driver.html#index.xml-body.1_div.3_div.8_div.4
>> You'll see that we leave spaces in our attribute values to make them
>> more readable.
> I have said it before, but I say it again, I think this is Wrong Wrong Wrong. @rend is defined
> as an unbounded set of whitespace-separated tokens.  Usage like "font-style: italic", using two tokens
> which must (implicitly) be conjoined to make up the desired effect, is simply abuse in
> my interpretation of @rend. I regard it as saying "you can describe the look of this beast
> using as many words as you like from a vocabulary", not "write a sentence describing the look,
> using the vocabulary".  As a processor of this stuff, how do I reconcile<hi rend="font-style: italic">
> with<hi rend="bold underlined red">?
> I don't suppose I will make you and Syd change your minds, however :-}
> Depressingly, the Guidelines say "Although the contents of the<att>rend</att>  attribute are free
> text", which is not technically true  - it is
> <datatype maxOccurs="unbounded">
>          <ref name="data.word"/>
> </datatype>

As Syd replied to you when we discussed this months ago:

> Hogwash! Being a sequence of words does not mean being an unordered
> set of words. It *does* mean (I think) that the amount of whitespace
> between two words is not necessarily passed along to the application.
> So it makes it hard to say "content: ' hello dogg'". But the point is
> that either "content: ' hello dogg'" or perhaps with the exact number
> of spaces is handed to the application; i.e. the application is not
> handed an array of
>   "content:"
>   "'"
>   "hello"
>   "dogg'"
> and certainly not
>   "content:"
>   "dogg'"
>   "hello"
>   "'"
> Saying that order is immaterial in data.word+ is just like saying
> order is immaterial in model.pLike+. :-)

That's the last I heard, so I assumed you conceded the point.  Perhaps 
you replied to him and didn't copy me.  If Syd is wrong, I would be 
happy to add this to our list of future changes to make to the Best 
Practices for TEI in Libraries.


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