[tei-council] Notes on chapter 11 (part four)

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Tue Nov 8 02:14:49 EST 2011

(11.3 - 11.3.2)

"...addition, deletion, or substitution of material, and the like." 
[Suggest "and other such alterations", because "and the like" is used 
just above this, as is "and so on" and "etc.".]

The lengthy discussion of the "euery persone" abbreviations would 
benefit from a graphic showing the original MS.

"<note target="#exp01">The stroke added to the final d could signify the
plural ending (-es, -is, -ys>) but the singular <hi rend="it">good</hi> 
was used with the meaning <q>property</q>,
<q>wealth</q>, at this time (v. examples quoted in OED, sb. Good,
C. 7, b, c, d and 8 spec.)</note>" [Here I think there should be a final 
e in the note: "the singular <hi rend="it">goode</hi> was used..."]

"For alle the while that I had
  <expan resp="#mp" cert="high">good<ex>e</ex>
I was welbeloued"
[This is supposed to show an abbreviation "represented by the hooked d", 
but it appears to use a different character in addition to the d. I 
think it should us u+0257, shouldn't it?]

"If it is desired to express aspects of certainty and responsibility for 
some other aspect of the use of these elements,..." [Repetition. Delete 
the first "aspects of", or change to "degrees of".]

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