[tei-council] Notes on chapter 11 (part three)

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Tue Nov 8 01:41:30 EST 2011


The whole chapter proceeds as if <sourceDoc> did not exist, and all the 
genetic material is to be embedded inside <facsimile>; then suddenly 
<sourceDoc> is used in an example without explanation. Am I missing 
something here?

(11.2 ff)

"Transcriptions of this kind are closely focussed on the physical 
appearance of specific documents, needing to distinguish the traces of 
different writing activities on them, such as additions, and deletions 
but also other indications of how the writing is to be read..." [Delete 
the third comma (after "additions").]

"then, methods of describing important extra-linguistic phenomena in the 
source: unusual spaces, lines, page and line breaks, change of 
manuscript hand, etc." [Suggest pluralizing "changes" for better 
parallel structure.]

On 11-11-08 07:30 AM, Martin Holmes wrote:
> 11.1.1:
> "<p rend="it" facs="#B49rPara2">" [Suggest changing @rend="it" to
> @rend="italic" for consistency with other examples elsewhere in the
> Guidelines.]
> "Further discussion of the encoding choices made in the above
> transcription is provided in the remainder of this chapter." [This
> doesn't make much sense; the remainder of the chapter goes on to show
> genetic encoding with different examples.]
> "@flipping	indicates whether the patch is attached and folded in such a
> way as to provide two writing surfaces" [Should this be "two or more"?]
> Numbering of figures: some examples appear to be treated as figures,
> with numbering, and some seem to be left out of the numbering scheme.
> Suggest consistent identification and numbering of figures, including
> all examples, since some examples need to be referred to with e.g.
> "Figure 3".
> "Equally, the encoder may choose to provide only graphics without
> transcription, or with a structured (non-embedded) transcription, or any
> combination of the three." [Delete "with"?]
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