[tei-council] Notes on chapter 11 (part five)

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Tue Nov 8 02:32:15 EST 2011


"For example, in the manuscript of William James's A Pluralistic 
Universe, edited by Fredson Bowers (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 
1977) a sentence first written..." [There should be a comma after "1977)".]

"The advantage of the former solution is that it permits the same 
annotation to refer to several corrections." [For clarity, suggest 
adding "by including more than one pointer in the @target attribute of 
the <note>, as exemplified below.]

"If it is desired to express aspects of certainty and responsibility for 
some other aspect of the use of these elements,..." [As elsewhere, 
repetition of "aspect". Suggest changing the second instance to "features".]

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