[tei-council] Notes on chapter 11 (part two)

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Tue Nov 8 01:30:32 EST 2011


"<p rend="it" facs="#B49rPara2">" [Suggest changing @rend="it" to 
@rend="italic" for consistency with other examples elsewhere in the 

"Further discussion of the encoding choices made in the above 
transcription is provided in the remainder of this chapter." [This 
doesn't make much sense; the remainder of the chapter goes on to show 
genetic encoding with different examples.]

"@flipping	indicates whether the patch is attached and folded in such a 
way as to provide two writing surfaces" [Should this be "two or more"?]

Numbering of figures: some examples appear to be treated as figures, 
with numbering, and some seem to be left out of the numbering scheme. 
Suggest consistent identification and numbering of figures, including 
all examples, since some examples need to be referred to with e.g. 
"Figure 3".

"Equally, the encoder may choose to provide only graphics without 
transcription, or with a structured (non-embedded) transcription, or any 
combination of the three." [Delete "with"?]

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