[tei-council] reviewing genetic editing revisions incorporated into last successful build (Re: Thisare the droids you are looking for)

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Mon Nov 7 20:34:07 EST 2011

* "inadvertant"

* I realise this was mentioned today (well, yesterday), but I am uneasy
looking at the interplay of cancellations encoded as <restore> vs. the
"cancelled" value of gap/@reason, which does not refer to restoration,
qualifying <gap>. I realise that this is about cancelling of text or
cancelling of a deletion mark, but possibly the former can be described
by a different verb ("remove", "erase", "delete", since it's a *gap*?),
just to avoid the juxtaposition with two different clashing imageries,
of restoration and removal.

* "signalled by the largere"

* "and then use the <target> attribute on a single undo element: "

* Something that Lou mentioned to me today: "transposeGrp supplies a
list of transpositions..." well, then call it a list, while there's
still time, to maintain the ordered-unordered distinction?

* Capitalization in the section titles is inconsistent.

* "insofaras"

<gb> at 9 am.? Sigh...


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