[tei-council] reviewing genetic editing revisions incorporated into last successful build (Re: Thisare the droids you are looking for)

James Cummings James.Cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Mon Nov 7 19:06:52 EST 2011

- Note that the position of note 34 (after specification list for 
att.coordinated '@points') appears rendered on a new line by itself. 
While trivial, might it make sense to move the note to the end of the 
paragraph before?

- figure 3 seems to be missing on bits.nsms but appears on 
teijenkins.hcmc *scratch head*  Similarly Figure 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, etc. 
When I click to go to reference pages on the bits.nsms jenkins I get an 

- I find the Kundige Bok example confusing because it is a textual 
metamark. It might be good to have a simpler example of metamark just 
before this one?

- "Either of the attributes target or <spanTo> may be used": I see no 
reference page for a <spanTo> element however much I may deeply love the 

- <transpose> Can someone explain to me why this has <ptr/> elements 
inside it instead of just a @target attribute requiring a minimum or two 
whitespace separated data.pointer values?  What is the benefit by having 
the <ptr/> elements? I could understand if along with <ptr/> <transpose> 
also allowed <desc>, but it doesn't, and neither does <ptr/>.... so I 
fail to see what we gain from having this as an element rather than an 
attribute value... unless you're expecting to use @rend or other 
attributes on the <ptr/> elements.  Then if that is the case a clear 
example of why you might want to do that should be shown, no?

- Section 11.7 starts "Finally in this chapter we present elements..." 
but it isn't the final major section (it goes up to 11.11) so this 
sounds wrong to me.

- In discussion of change we have an example that includes:
<subst change="#secondStage #thirdStage">

which we are told means: "Also the substitution in the second verse is 
done repeatedly: initially it takes place in the second stage, but is 
fixated as a whole in the third."

If that is the case, shouldn't it be using <retrace> or something to 
indicate the thirdStage?

That is all I noticed on a quick read through.


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