[tei-council] referencing audio/video from transcripts

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Mon Oct 31 15:19:19 EDT 2011

Please forgive if this is something obvious or a matter of a recent
thread, I'm heaving problems staying abreast with some stuff, too many
deadlines at once.

Is there some emerging sketch for how to reference audio and/or video
streams from transcripts? A colleague is asking and I can't think of an
obvious answer. I vaguely recall some talk about MIME types, which could
be helpful here, but nothing definite.

My immediate association is http://jtei.revues.org/142 (Thomas Schmidt's
article in jTEI1). Are there any others that you're dying to tell me
about, please?

And what's the status of this issue, is it worth heating up for the
coming week?

Thanks and best,


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