[tei-council] Budget and Cost Saving for next year

Martin Holmes mholmes at uvic.ca
Wed Nov 2 12:15:40 EDT 2011

eXist supports more sophisticated xpointer expressions than libxml2, in 
its implementation of XInclude. Saxon doesn't, because it out-sources 
its XInclude to Xerces IIRC. But the eXist source might give us a 
starting point for a Java implementation.


On 11-11-02 08:21 AM, Piotr Bański wrote:
> Speaking of budgeting for a programmer -- I realise and agree that Roma
> is a priority, but let me also remind you of TEI XPointer schemes,
> which, in the years since they were put into the Guidelines, got
> implemented exactly *nowhere*. The closest implementation of the
> 'native' XPointer seems to be that in libxml2, which could be considered
> a point of departure for implementing the TEI proposals, but a very
> clever programmer whom I attempted to cajole into taking care of that,
> after looking at the code and posting some bug reports on gnome
> bugzilla, decided that the entire xpointer.c is so broken that it needs
> a rewrite from scratch. It only suffices for the simplest uses.
> Hmm, I should put that on the whiteboard for the LingSIG, but the issue
> is definitely larger than LingSIG.
>    P.

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