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Thanks. I've included the stuff roughly in the slides, and let the speaker make the best of it.

Le 4 oct. 2011 à 18:27, Kevin Hawkins a écrit :

> On 10/4/2011 4:57 AM, Laurent Romary wrote:
>> Excellent. Maybe Kevin would want a line on Tite.
>> @Kevin?
> This year the Council chair formed a task force on TEI Lite to align the 
> canonical Tite in SourceForge with that used by Apex CoVantage as part 
> of AccessTEI.  The task force members are:
> * Perry Trolard (author of Tite and representative of the Mellon-funded 
> project that created Tite)
> * Greg Spurlock (of Apex CoVantage)
> * Kevin Hawkins (of the TEI Council)
> Members of this task force and other Council members have made the 
> following revisions to Tite during this year:
> * ODD now uses the "include" syntax rather than the "except" syntax.
> * We've removed a bunch of unnecessary elements and attributes (those 
> not specified in the prose specification)
> * We added <handShift/> and its attributes since Apex added these to 
> their version based on user demand.  (But still need to add some prose 
> description on how to use this element.)
> * Revised Tite's introduction, version number, and date, as well as the 
> appendix comparing it to the Best Practices for TEI in Libraries
> Work left to be done to align canonical:
> * Describe use of <handShift/> (as above).
> * Add <add> and <del>.  (As with <handShift/>, prospective users of Tite 
> want these.)  Might also add <addSpan> and <delSpan>.
> * Add @facs to <pb>.
> Following this, Kevin would like to make additional revisions to better 
> align Tite with TEI practice.  He has lots of tickets in SourceForge for 
> consideration by Council once we finish the things above.
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