[tei-council] agenda items

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Tue Oct 4 05:09:03 EDT 2011

+ the licensing issue, possibly, as the Council's proposal

I've asked our lawyer to have a look at the general idea that I believe
is close to consensus now (is it?):

* software under BSD-2
* docs (generated HTML) under CC BY
* schemas, ODD, pending precedents and codification --> choice up to the
licensee, depending on whether they need them as software or documentation

He said it sounds good to him.

Let me also repeat that with this conclusion, we need a place in the ODD
to at least:
* specify the license(s) of the entire ODD (that's already there)
* specify the license on the generated documentation (would @type be
enough? it's not fully fitting semantically)


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