[tei-council] genetic draft -- from Brett, pt. 4

Stuart A. Yeates syeates at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 06:12:36 EDT 2011

Some point after rereading this for the first time in quite a while:

"This may be a sheet of paper, one face of a monument, a billboard, a
papyrus scroll, or indeed any 2-dimensional surface." To my
(science-based) eye, these are all "flat" surfaces rather than
"2-dimensional" surfaces, which only exist in abstraction.

In the table for att.global, on my firefox there is textual overlap
between "@xml:space" and it's definition.

Is there a diagram anywhere of how the coordinate system works? I'm
thinking of something like

Is the order of <transpose>'s within a <transposeGrp> significant?

"Schema testgenetic: unchanged components" has a link to
"att.repeatable" which is new?

It seems odd to me that <redo/> takes @cause by <undo/> does not.


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