[tei-council] <notatedMusic> changes required

Gabriel BODARD gabriel.bodard at kcl.ac.uk
Sat Jul 9 14:53:06 EDT 2011

So based on what you suggest below, I would argue that what you need is 
a way to indicate whether what you are pointing to is (a) a 
representation of the music notation in your source document, which may 
be an image or MEI XML, say, or (b) a different kind of rendering of the 
musical information in that document, such as a recording or performance 
of said music. The difference between pointing to an image and pointing 
to an XML file or web page should be the difference between <graphic/> 
and <ptr/>, shouldn't it?

Which of the above uses (if any) is the proposed <externalObject/> meant 
to cater for?

My concern with the x-include suggestion is that this is no longer 
semantically describing what is in the source document at all; it is 
explicitly a processing instruction saying, go find the code at this 
location and include it in this XML document prior to transforming it. 
And this not be what the MEI folks want to do with it at all. (After 
all, if they did, wouldn't they just include the XML in this document?)


On 08/07/2011 22:45, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> On 8 Jul 2011, at 21:02, Martin Holmes wrote:
>> I think if you spend a lot of your time writing rendering code -- i.e.
>> turning TEI code into other formats which will be consumed by readers --
>> then it's tempting to see all TEI elements has having or needing some
>> kind of intrinsic expected rendering behaviour; when you're writing the
>> TEI stylesheets, you're essentially codifying those expectations.
> Yes indeed, I fully admit admit my bias. But to turn that around,
> if I can't interpret a file in a standardized way, its not interoperable,
> so whats the point of it?
> If we have no expectation of how to process<ptr>,
> then  how do we distinguish between the case of a musical
> notation present in the source text (in a format which we can't
> put in TEI, and so needs ref to an external file), and the case of
> a hyperlink to a musical notation resource in the source file?
> if you say, "well, you have to look at the container,<notatedMusic>, which
> cannot contain hyperlinks, so courses in the former",
> then I will reluctantly accept it, but curse because
> you've made my processing more complex.
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