[tei-council] <notatedMusic> changes required

Martin Mueller martinmueller at northwestern.edu
Fri Jul 8 19:02:05 EDT 2011

It's not just Sebastian who spends a lot of time rendering code. It's
everybody in the TEI, and everybody is or ought to be grateful to
Sebastian for making their own work a lot easier. It's the fate of TEI to
live in a world where it always needs to be translated into something
else, mostly html. So to the extent that conventions are variable and
involve trade-offs between different priorities, I would put a high value
on ease of subsequent processing and suggest that in thinking about
whether to do X this way or that way it will be a good think to pay
attention to whether the processors down the line will breathe sighs of
relief or mutter under their breath.

On 7/8/11 4:45 PM, "Sebastian Rahtz" <sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk> wrote:

>On 8 Jul 2011, at 21:02, Martin Holmes wrote:
>> I think if you spend a lot of your time writing rendering code -- i.e.
>> turning TEI code into other formats which will be consumed by readers
>> then it's tempting to see all TEI elements has having or needing some
>> kind of intrinsic expected rendering behaviour; when you're writing the
>> TEI stylesheets, you're essentially codifying those expectations.
>Yes indeed, I fully admit admit my bias. But to turn that around,
>if I can't interpret a file in a standardized way, its not interoperable,
>so whats the point of it?
>If we have no expectation of how to process <ptr>,
>then  how do we distinguish between the case of a musical
>notation present in the source text (in a format which we can't
>put in TEI, and so needs ref to an external file), and the case of
>a hyperlink to a musical notation resource in the source file?
>if you say, "well, you have to look at the container, <notatedMusic>,
>cannot contain hyperlinks, so courses in the former",
>then I will reluctantly accept it, but curse because
>you've made my processing more complex.
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