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stuart yeates stuart.yeates at vuw.ac.nz
Mon Jul 4 18:35:21 EDT 2011

My reservation to this is that music is not the only content that can 
appear in text in this manner and by crafting a solution to fit music we 
may be embbedding assumptions about music rather than assumptions about 

Other examples (which I'll admit that I  understand better than music, 
which is a foreign country to me) include:

* graphs in scientific works, which typically have both parallel tabular 
and graphical representation and deep-linking into the systems which 
generated the experimental data.

* maps with embedded locators such as 
https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/File:EU-United_Kingdom.svg which 
are print-based half-way point between traditional maps and google maps.

Having said all that, I do support getting a solution to these issues.


On 05/07/11 03:34, Martin Holmes wrote:
> I don't want to block this, but I do think we might be doing several
> things at once here. There seem to be three distinct issues:
> 1. The need for an<externalObject>  (or whatever) which is specifically
> designated as a transclusion element.
> 2. The need for a container element whose content elements are deemed to
> be not choices exactly but somehow parallel renderings in different
> formats of the same content (an image of notated music, an XML rendering
> of it, an MP3 file of the music). This contrasts with<choice>, which
> apparently assumes that one of its content elements will be chosen in
> any given context.
> 3. The need for<notatedMusic>, which is semantic sugar for
> <aboveContainer type="notatedMusic">.
> If my understanding above is correct, then I think it would be better to
> make three separate feature requests, and deal with #2 before #3. Or am
> I missing something?
> Cheers,
> Martin
> On 11-07-03 04:06 AM, Raffaele Viglianti wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> Did we reach an agreement then? :) Should I or Sebastian create a
>> feature request for a new element externalObject and integrate that in
>> notatedMusic's model _instead_ of ptr?
>> Best wishes,
>> Raffaele

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