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Raffaele Viglianti raffaele.viglianti at kcl.ac.uk
Wed Jun 29 04:40:47 EDT 2011

On 29/06/11 04:02, Lou Burnard wrote:
> I must say I had thought that the proposal was to make the musicNotation
> element itself such a sugared variant on a pointer. Why won't that work
> any more?

Dear Lou,

we propose that <notatedMusic> marks the presence of music notation in 
the text, rather than point to a specific representation of it.
This, in practice, makes the difference between:

<ptr target="some.xml"/>
<graphic url="some.png"/>
<desc>Some description</desc>


<notatedMusic url="some.xml" ><desc>Some description</desc></notatedMusic>
<notatedMusic url="some.png />

The first is the model that we seek: the presence of music notation is 
marked as many times as it occurs in the text, while the different 
external representations and the description for a specific bit of music 
are handled within the element itself.

The main issue of this conversation is, I think -at this point, whether 
<ptr> is acceptable for referring to an external representation of the 
music notation, or whether we need a generic element that more clearly 
defines the action of including the representation in the document.

If there is agreement that <ptr> is not enough and we need a new 
element, I understand Sebastian's hesitation is using <embed> for its 
similarity with HTML5. Possibly <extObject> or <externalObject> may be a 
good name?

Finally, here is a more real-life example of what a full-blown 
<notatedMusic> element could look like:

<desc>First bar of Chopin's Scherzo Op. 39, No. 3</desc>

<!-- an encoding of bar 1 in xml/text format of choice -->
<[ptr|extObject] target="bar1.[xml|txt]" mimeType="..."/>

<!-- an image of bar 1 -->
<graphic url="bar1.jpg"/>

<!-- an audio rendition of bar 1 -->
<[ptr|extObject] target="bar1.aif" mimeType="..."/>

<!-- a video of bar 1 (an animation) or of the performance of bar 1 -->
<[ptr|extObject] url="bar1.mpeg" mimeType="..."/>

<!-- base64-encoded version of Finale file of bar 1 -->

Hope this helps!


Raffaele Viglianti
PhD Candidate and PGRA
Department of Digital Humanities
King's College London

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