[tei-council] Chicago hotel bills

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Wed Apr 20 04:30:40 EDT 2011

I have just realised an inconsistency in my hotel bill and would like to
share this with you in case the pattern is broader:

a single night cost 134$ + 22,56$ tax = 156,56$

they took from me on the first day 770$ (not sure why).

I stayed 4 nights, which makes 626,24$. That would mean that they should
return 143,76 to my account, whereas they returned 113,76$, which makes
30$ of a difference. Would you please have a look at your bills to see
if you received similar negative gifts?

I know of Julianne's issue with them, and myself, I spent Wednesday
night on calling my bank trying to see why my card got blocked and
Thursday morning in the reception trying to get the hotel to cancel a
double withdrawal request that they sent to my bank, pushing my card
below limits (no go, had to wait 7 days until the block was
automatically released). So much for my winning smile, dang it...

So I'm thinking the 30$ is yet another adventure of the same sort:
someone bright just confused a "1" with a "4" -- but I'm letting you
know that you should perhaps verify your bank statements and so on.

So long,


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