[tei-council] Council meeting in April - Symposium on 11. April

Piotr Bański bansp at o2.pl
Tue Jan 18 14:51:06 EST 2011

Hi All,

I am not sure that mangling the web address of the doc is sufficient to
ensure privacy and free exchange of opinions on the particular
candidates by name, should anyone feel a need for that. After all, the
doc is readable by anyone with the link. Or are crawlers the only concern?

Secondly, what is the status of this proposal, please? Is there still
time to nominate, or just to voice opinions on the possible invitees
(what does e.g. "yes: Laurent" mean? Is that the first vote on the "aye"
list, and are we expected to add ours?)

The following may betray my lack of imagination and expertise, but the
only result I can imagine from listening to the purported advantages of
doing text encoding in HTML over semantic vocabulary is annoyance -- I
simply can't imagine to what positive goal this might lead.[*] On the
other hand, I could imagine the advantages of listening to someone who
has abandoned the TEI and proceeded to create two successful
language-resource-encoding systems, namely Nancy Ide, and of asking her
if the limits of the TEI that made her abandon it once are already gone,
and if not, what paths she would suggest that we follow. (We've seen one
recent problem gone last summer [in Dublin, I guess], with the adoption
of a modification concerning FS-encoding that made it possible not to
type features in situ. Are there any others that she sees, I'd like to
ask Nancy.)



[*] The only way to use HTML for text encoding that I can imagine is by
heavily sub-classing it, and thus turning your HTML into mock-XML
without the advantages of real XML. But again, this may just betray my
limitations. Or maybe I misunderstand the description in the doc.

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