[tei-council] Council meeting in April - Symposium on 11. April

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Tue Jan 18 14:33:43 EST 2011

On 18 Jan 2011, at 18:48, James Cummings wrote:

> straightforward as well. I'm feeling uninspired as to what is 
> beneficially going to result for the discussions where people are 
> not using the TEI for straightforward reasons (political, 
> practical, economic, whatever)

yes, my feeling exactly. A day of talks by high-level folk about NLM vs TEI or
EAD vs TEI will be sterile and predictable; as will a day
spent beating our breasts as to why people don't get it
about rich markup.  the theme of "so did we meet the aims of the P'Keepsie 
Principles" is a good one, but the talks have to be "open",ie allowing
for discussion and possible positive results.  The Council on the two days following
can then use this to prioritize existing work or commission new work; but
I don't want to spend those two days wondering why all the STEM publishers
have not adopted the TEI (I spent too many years with TeXxies having that

Why don't we have a day of dark and light? presentations which ask questions
and cast doubt alternating with presentations which show what can be achieved
and where the TEI has done its job. A digital librarian doubter from the
midwest can be followed by Stuart showing how it worked in NZ, for example.

While I have no great desire to talk about OxGarage, because it's really
rather a trivial bit of software, I do think a talk about the problems of
designing a family of XSL stylesheets to process arbitrary TEI docs
might be worthwhile - depending on the audience, of course.

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