[tei-council] Council meeting in April - Symposium on 11. April

James Cummings James.Cummings at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Tue Jan 18 13:48:39 EST 2011

a) (On who to invite to speak) While I think Sebastian talking 
about OxGarage and how it now underlies how things like WebRoma 
works and how loosely coupled web services with clear APIs are a 
good thing for the TEI, is a good topic... isn't his overall 
point slightly different.  It isn't necessarily "Seb wants to 
talk as well" but more that usually at the TEI Days before a 
Council meeting we've had a mixture of people from the council 
talking and local projects.  The local people get the benefit of 
listening to someone new for a change, the council get the 
benefit of hearing about some local projects. TEI users don't 
often get a chance to hear papers which evince how the underlying 
TEI systems really work or similarly arcane topics. It seems 
better to me to have the day be a collaboration between local 
people and the TEI as an organization.

b) (On the proposed list) While some of the people there will be 
quite interesting, Portico/PubMedCentral/OCUL all seem to be the 
same thing.  They use NLM and not TEI and for pretty much all for 
the same reason if I gather correctly. The NDIIP lists XML rather 
than TEI specifically as a preferred format, and that is a 
potentially interesting discussion (especially in light of a TEI 
mimeType), but the reasons they've done this are probably fairly 
straightforward as well. I'm feeling uninspired as to what is 
beneficially going to result for the discussions where people are 
not using the TEI for straightforward reasons (political, 
practical, economic, whatever) (Perhaps this is my failing and a 
lack of imagination.)  I'm more interested by those people who 
*do* engage with the TEI in particular circumstances or who have 
a long-term view of the TEI and whether it indeed has or has not 
fulfilled the Poughkeepsie Principles.

c) (On the emails to be sent) Doesn't it behove us to provide or 
at least link to a copy of the Poughkeepsie Principles?  Our 
canonical copy is pretty unreadable some might say.¹ (unless I'm 
missing it somewhere?) There is a nicely formatted version in the 
TEI By Example site.² or I have a list of them in an article that 
is online³ or maybe best is that Michael has a formatted version 
of EDP1 up (maybe we should put a copy of that in the vault and 
point there?)⁴  This all reminds me that the Vault on the TEI-C 
website needs tidying up.

d) (On public access to the tei-council mailing list) Just to 
note that the tei-council archives have been open for quite some 
time. It was argued for by a very cunning person back in 2006 who 
recognised that it would allow those running for council to be 
able to see what council does, allow those who leave council to 
continue to follow issues that interest them, and also allow us 
to link back to previous discussions as I'm doing right now.⁵


¹ http://www.tei-c.org/Vault/ED/edp01.gml
³ http://tinyurl.com/jc-dlsteihttp://cmsmcq.com/1990/edp1.htmlhttp://lists.village.virginia.edu/pipermail/tei-council/2006/005757.html

On 18/01/11 17:48, Laurent Romary wrote:
> To make things appropriate and if I were Seb (using his always
> positive mood) I would say: "waow, that's exactly the kind of topics
> the council needs to debate about. I would like to offer to make a
> visionary presentation of how OxGarage is actually bringing a lot in
> terms of interoperability". OK, Seb?
> Le 18 janv. 11 à 18:18, Sebastian Rahtz a écrit :
>> On 18 Jan 2011, at 15:16, Kevin Hawkins wrote:
>>> Since the archives of tei-council are publicly available, we must be
>>> cautious not just about discussing names of potential invitees.
>> whoops. my apologies, my posting was _not_ appropriate then. I hope
>> it does not offend anyone.
>> The list of topics on the google docs does look rather negative,
>> sorry. Surely
>> there are folks who can actually be positive about the TEI?
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