[tei-council] editorial services

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Wed Dec 15 21:52:36 EST 2010

Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> On 15 Dec 2010, at 22:58, Kevin Hawkins wrote:
>> We should be careful to split "source updates" into two activities: (a) 
>> editing prose when specific revisions are not spelled out in a ticket or 
>> other proposal adopted by Council and (b) making prose and schema 
>> changes to the ODDs in SourceForge.
> you are distinguishing the running prose from the reference
> material? They are different skills, I agree; but I would
> make other distinctions too - eg between changes which 
> involve simple additions or subtractions, and ones which
> involve class manipulation and understand the changes which
> may result in a DTD/schema.

You could divide it that way, but I was actually thinking of the 
difference between knowing how to write clear prose for the guidelines 
and knowing how to edit an ODD file.  In the latter I include not only 
understanding the class system and schema languages but even the tag set 
used within the ODD (like <gi>).

>> And, incidentally, 
>> we heard on TEI-L that since quorum was not reached on the vote by TEI 
>> member institutions, the Board at its meeting in Zadar adopted those 
>> changes it could make on its own without needing approval by members. 
> which was, in fact, more or less everything. no serious decisions were
> left unattended, I believe (and if you wonder why I comment, its
> because I attended the first part of the meeting, unexpectedly)
>> Will the Bylaws be updated on tei-c.org to reflect what changes were in 
>> fact made at that meeting in Zadar?
> undoubtedly!

No foul play suspected.  I just know how these things slip through the 
cracks.  My modus operandi is to nag people about the things they said 
they would do but then never did.  (Just ask Dan or Laurent ...)  In 
this case, I'm not sure who to nag.

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