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O'Donnell, Dan daniel.odonnell at uleth.ca
Wed Dec 15 13:21:59 EST 2010

I remember this as being very much the motivation for changing things to 
positive inclusion rather than exclusion; also the ability to reference 
specific iterations of arbitrary schemas.

The Apex discussion was very much in the context of the old method of 
doing things--i.e. when things were being excluded. I think the positive 
approach may mitigate this a lot, since it means that changes to the 
core TEI modules won't inadvertently introduce new things in Tite.


P.S. Kevin: sorry about not ccing perry here: I have a new computer and 
my address book isn't working for some reason.

On 10-12-15 04:33 AM, Lou Burnard wrote:
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> Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>>>    However, Apex has always told Dan that they will
>>> likely not be able to keep up with our incremental improvements to Tite,
>>> instead using a DTD snapshot of the schema and retraining their staff
>>> only periodically to use a later version.
>> fair enough.
>> and if we use the specific element inclusion, the number of nasty
>> surprises will be less anyway.
>> --
> exactly! cf my comment on the SF ticket.
> There are incidentally two ways of doing this:
> you could say
> <moduleRef key="core" include="all the elements we want from core"/>
> or just
> <elementRef key="all"/>
> <elementRef key="the"/>
> <elementRef key="elements"/>
> etc.
> I like the second myself, because it's easier and clearer to maintain
> but Sebastian points out that
> (a) it's not currently supported by the Roma web application (tho the
> stylesheets do support it)
> (b) you need to include the module "tei" to get the basic class
> declarations, used in all content models
> (c) if you want to include any class declarations specific to a
> particular module, you need to include a<classRef>  for it (or include
> the module)
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