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Gabriel Bodard gabriel.bodard at kcl.ac.uk
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I guess there are different kinds of difficulty, too. Anyone can write, 
but maybe not everyone can write well. (And it may be harder or more 
time-consuming to write really well to a particular end.) On the other 
hand, not anyone can pick up the *Spec part of an ODD and immediately 
know how to do what they want to with it. (But when they do, it may be 
easier--or less time-consuming--to do it properly.)

On 16/12/2010 23:11, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>> The distinction I would make would be between writing prose (including
>> basic markup such as<p>  <gi>  <att>  and so forth), which we should
>> expect all Council members (+ SIG volunteers etc.) to be able to do, and
>> editing schemaSpecs and the like, which takes a certain amount of
>> technical know-how, which most Council members can (or could, if they
>> pushed themselves to learn[*]) probably do, but nevertheless probably
>> needs significant
> Interesting. I see it the other way around. Doing the *Spec is sort of mechanical
> and testable - if you make a mistake, the tests will catch it, especially if we put
> some effort into a CI setup. Whereas writing clear long-term prose is often harder.
>   if we stick with the 18th century discursive style of P5 .....
> Moral is that different things are hard for different people, and it's hard to predict what.
> Sebastian

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