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Subject: Re: [tei-council] update from the TEI Tite task force
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 13:54:43 +0000
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Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
>>   However, Apex has always told Dan that they will
>> likely not be able to keep up with our incremental improvements to Tite,
>> instead using a DTD snapshot of the schema and retraining their staff
>> only periodically to use a later version.
> fair enough.
> and if we use the specific element inclusion, the number of nasty
> surprises will be less anyway.
> --
exactly! cf my comment on the SF ticket.

There are incidentally two ways of doing this:

you could say

<moduleRef key="core" include="all the elements we want from core"/>

or just

<elementRef key="all"/>
<elementRef key="the"/>
<elementRef key="elements"/>


I like the second myself, because it's easier and clearer to maintain
but Sebastian points out that

(a) it's not currently supported by the Roma web application (tho the
stylesheets do support it)

(b) you need to include the module "tei" to get the basic class
declarations, used in all content models

(c) if you want to include any class declarations specific to a
particular module, you need to include a <classRef> for it (or include
the module)

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