[tei-council] communication about Tite (was Re: One Licence Does it all)

Kevin Hawkins kevin.s.hawkins at ultraslavonic.info
Tue Aug 10 18:38:51 EDT 2010

Thank you, Dan, for giving some background on Tite.

The main issue is that Council doesn't know what's going on with Tite. 
I have been harping about this for years, in emails to Council, to Dan 
and sometimes also to Perry, and occasionally in public at our annual 
business meetings.

Tite has been mentioned offhand on TEI-L for years with very little 
information about what it is, where it came from, and where it's going. 
  (I pulled together what information I could gather on my own in an 
email to TEI-L in December 2008, when the SIG on Libraries solicited 
feedback on the schema.)

In Council in 2010, we have at various times expected to discuss Tite, 
but word hasn't always made it around to the whole Council that plans 
have changed in some way or another from what we last heard.  This could 
be because people are cc'd on a message from a non-Council member 
addressed to tei-council or simply because we all get a lot of email and 
forget who has seen what.

This aside, I generally agree with Dan's sentiment that the TEI-C's 
relationship with Apex is a new thing that in part needs to be figured 
out as we go along.

Like Sebastian, I do wish Apex hadn't used the version label "1.1" on 
what they're using since it implies there is no fork.  But this is not 
irreversible.  I doubt anyone is using Apex's document for any 
subsequent work, so they can rename the PDF (and remove the 
"confidential and proprietary" notice) on their website.


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