[tei-council] TEI Council meeting 2007

James Cummings James.Cummings at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Fri Nov 17 02:13:56 EST 2006

Christian Wittern wrote:
 > For everybody, any opinions, and comments welcome.  It occurred to me
> that the Council so far has never met in the US; with London, Oxford,
> Gent and Paris we have met 4 times in Europe and once in Japan. On the
> other hand, I had the feeling that the members from the US were always
> happy for a chance to get away...

I feel duty-bound, from a financial perspective, to note that council meetings 
would now have 4 people(LB, SPQR, AC and myself) coming from the UK.  Though 
no-one has suggested hosting them there, this makes Oxford/London financially 
attractive to a point.  Of course, the UK is expensive in any case and that 
might offset any savings!  With the two choices presented, I'm guessing that 
flying these four people to Berlin is probably cheaper than to Lexington, but 
I've not looked into it.  I'm guessing that the reason the meetings have mostly 
been in Europe is that it is a central cheaper location for the majority of the 
council members in terms of flights.  (We must assume that Christian and Conal's 
travel are going to be expensive to either place!)

I'm happy to travel to either place, but maybe someone should look at the 
numbers to see what is most cost effective overall?


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