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Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Sat Sep 23 10:15:28 EDT 2006

> Do you mean as a report of the Council activities?  So far the Chair
> has delivered the report, but I am open to suggestions.  There is also
> a separate report from the editors.
Yes. I was suggesting to make sure all the reports carry
the same message. If one person says "we're looking
at an alpha release of P5 soon" and another says "the
first release of P5 was 18 months ago", it doesnt
convey the right impression.
> Now, what the message will be?  I would assume its "the same procedure
> as last year":  We're almost there Ma'am.  Just give me 6 more
> months...
not good... I think a simple report on activities
isnt as exciting as it could be
> But seriously, I would describe our activities and would hope that the
> Members get the impression we did seriously devote as much of our time
> to worthwhile things as we could be expected.
If it was me reporting, I'd hang a report around the issue
of Conformance, because it neatly encompasses a lot
of controversial issues (as we discovered on TEI-L).

To be honest, I'd abandon the formulaic "Council chair Report"
and "Editors' Report" (which can be provided on paper anyway)
and propose a single inspiring talk entitled "P5: the reality

Julia suggested to me the other day over a chocolate
biccie an interesting idea - that we (TEIC) should
not put any funding at all into the Council, workgroups
or Editors in 2007, but spend all the Consortium's money
on publicity and teaching events. Its an attractive notion -
stop now and see if we have a product which people
actually want and will adopt.

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