[tei-board] Re: [tei-council] tei release 0.4 coming soon

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Mon Jun 26 12:13:16 EDT 2006

Syd Bauman wrote:
> The chapter contains the reference documentation for both attribute
> and model classes. The question is whether to rename it to "Classes"
> or to split it into two chapters, one for "Attribute Classes" and one
> for "Model Classes". The former is trivial, and I can easily do it
> this afternoon if we're in agreement; the latter would be some
> effort, presumably on Sebastian's part, to write the XSLT that would
> handle the new kinds of <divGen> required.
I could do that if I have to. But I suggest it may better
not to at the moment, because it throws the number of
chapters. I'd rather you considered  the whole structure
of the TEI at more leisure. ie is it time to drop the div0/div1
structure, where div0 marks high level "parts", and div1
marks chapters? The desire to number the div1 elements
sequentially, ignoring the div0s, is a pain :-}

People talk a lot about "chapter 12" of the Guidelines.
Do we want to break that?

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