[tei-board] Re: [tei-council] tei release 0.4 coming soon

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Mon Jun 26 11:01:25 EDT 2006

> > Chapter 33 still has the very misleading title "Element Classes".
> > I propose that this is changed to something more applicable, for
> > example "Model Classes" or just "Classes".
> I'll defer to Lou and Syd on that one.

The chapter contains the reference documentation for both attribute
and model classes. The question is whether to rename it to "Classes"
or to split it into two chapters, one for "Attribute Classes" and one
for "Model Classes". The former is trivial, and I can easily do it
this afternoon if we're in agreement; the latter would be some
effort, presumably on Sebastian's part, to write the XSLT that would
handle the new kinds of <divGen> required.

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