[tei-board] Re: [tei-council] tei release 0.4 coming soon

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Mon Jun 26 14:38:19 EDT 2006

> I could do that if I have to. But I suggest it may better not to at
> the moment, because it throws the number of chapters. I'd rather
> you considered the whole structure of the TEI at more leisure. ie
> is it time to drop the div0/div1 structure, where div0 marks high
> level "parts", and div1 marks chapters? The desire to number the
> div1 elements sequentially, ignoring the div0s, is a pain :-}

These are completely separate questions. Yes, I think we should
address the whole structure of the Guidelines as well as other
issues, including phrase-level encoding, at some time, too. But
that's not the question I raised, which was should the reference
documentation on classes occupy 1 chapter or 2.

> People talk a lot about "chapter 12" of the Guidelines. Do we want
> to break that?

1. This change does not break any chapter numbers <= 33, and note
   that there is no chapter 32. (Nor a chapter 8 -- full list below
   are interested.)

2. I don't think users actually do refer to the later chapters by
   numbers all that much, actually.

3. While I don't like the idea of changing chapter numbers now[1], I
   do not think there is really much choice -- we will be. Thus, this
   should not be a consideration in our decision about whether
   classes should be described in one reference chapter or two.

[1] In 2004 I argued that we should establish and freeze the chapter
    sequence as almost the first step to P5dom. I lost that
    discussion, and we went ahead and plowed down the P5 path without
    a firm commitment to a specific set or sequence of chapters.

The 1st div1 has n='1': "About These Guidelines" (AB)
The 2nd div1 has n='2': "A Gentle Introduction to XML" (SG)
The 3rd div1 has n='3': "The TEI infrastructure" (ST)
The 4th div1 has n='': "Languages and Character Sets" (CH)
The 5th div1 has n='5': "The TEI Header" (HD)
The 6th div1 has n='6': "Elements Available in All TEI Documents" (CO)
The 7th div1 has n='7': "Default Text Structure" (DS)
The 8th div1 has n='9': "Base Tag Set for Verse" (VE)
The 9th div1 has n='10': "Performance Texts" (DR)
The 10th div1 has n='11': "Transcriptions of Speech" (TS)
The 11th div1 has n='12': "Print Dictionaries" (DI)
The 12th div1 has n='xx': "Terminological Databases" (TE)
The 13th div1 has n='': "Manuscript Description" (MS)
The 14th div1 has n='14': "Linking, Segmentation, and Alignment" (SA)
The 15th div1 has n='15': "Simple Analytic Mechanisms" (AI)
The 16th div1 has n='16': "Feature Structures" (FS)
The 17th div1 has n='17': "Certainty and Responsibility" (CE)
The 18th div1 has n='18': "Transcription of Primary Sources" (PH)
The 19th div1 has n='19': "Critical Apparatus" (TC)
The 20th div1 has n='20': "Names and Dates" (ND)
The 21th div1 has n='21': "Graphs, Networks, and Trees" (GD)
The 22th div1 has n='22': "Tables, Formulae, and Graphics" (FT)
The 23th div1 has n='23': "Language Corpora" (CC)
The 24th div1 has n='': "Header Elements and Their Relationship to Other Metadata Standards" (SH)
The 25th div1 has n='': "Representation of non-standard characters and glyphs" (WD)
The 26th div1 has n='26': "Feature System Declaration" (FD)
The 27th div1 has n='27': "Documentation Elements" (TD)
The 28th div1 has n='28': "Conformance" (CF)
The 29th div1 has n='29': "Modifying and Customizing the TEI DTD" (MD)
The 30th div1 has n='30': "Rules for Interchange
 " (IN)
The 31th div1 has n='31': "Multiple Hierarchies" (NH)
The 32th div1 has n='33': "Element Classes" (REFCLA)
The 33th div1 has n='34': "Macros" (REFENT)
The 34th div1 has n='35': "Elements" (REFTAG)
The 35th div1 has n='36': "Obtaining the TEI schemas" (DT)

I'm going to go fix CH and IN now.

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