[tei-council] notes from Kyoto are up

Matthew Zimmerman mz34 at nyu.edu
Thu Jun 15 01:05:27 EDT 2006

No, no dates were indicated when action items were made in the  
meeting and none are indicated in my notes. But in fairness to others  
I did not ask for dates, just the action time and person.

Perhaps at the next meeting an elected Council member will volunteer  
to take notes so the Chair of the Consortium doesn't have to. I am  
sure that will lead to a more timely posting of the notes since it  
won't conflict with the other duties of the Chair. Or perhaps a  
secretary of the council could be appointed so the same person takes  
notes each time for consistency? If not that perhaps just a cheat of  
reminders could be given to the note taker: 1. dates must be taken  
for each action item, 2. a timeline of when the notes should be  
posted and 3. a standard way the notes should be encoded. I found the  
encoding took the most time and looking at past notes didn't help  
since each note taker seemed to encode them differently. We could use  
the standard the Chris R uses for the Board notes.

I do apologize for the delay though and hope the notes are accurate  
and helpful. But it is a good thing they are done because I am ready  
to enjoy soccer World Cup, despite the US's poor showing so far. For  
those of you who don't follow soccer and didn't get Christian's  
reference as to how long it took me to post the notes, the world cup  
games take place over a one month period!  Good look to England and  
Germany who are playing well.

On Jun 12, 2006, at 10:25 PM, Christian Wittern wrote:

> Matthew Zimmerman <mz34 at nyu.edu> writes:
>> http://www.tei-c.org/Council/tcm24.xml
>> There are a few typos i need to fix but since I held these for too
>> long I wanted to get them out there.
> Thanks.  This made me realize how lucky we have been with the timely
> posting of minutes so far.  The minutes are an important instrument
> for organizing our work, reminding us of what we agreed and trail of
> our proceedings.  Timely posting is absolutely necessary so that
> everybody can look at this *while the memory is still fresh* and
> supply missing details where needed.  This has taken almost the time
> it takes from the opening game to the finals in the soccer WM, which
> is unacceptable.  Notetakers should be aware that they make a
> commitment to timely posting the taken notes.
> Having said that, I realize of course that doing this for a two day
> meeting of this intensity is quite a task.
> Now, looking at the minutes briefly, I am a bit shocked to see no
> dates on the action items, I think we did agree on due dates for many
> of them, some even very soon.  Did somebody make a note of these
> dates?
> Also, please note the time for the call on Jul 25 is 1200 UTC.
> All the best,
> Christian Wittern
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