[tei-council] adding (non-)Struct elements to <date> & <time>

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Mon Jun 12 06:25:55 EDT 2006

It was Harry's work I had in mind when I suggested we ought to be 
looking at TimeML, actually.

As current ISO liaison person, I'd be very happy to keep tracking this 
item, if I can find the time/money. However, it would be a very good 
thing to find someone else with expertise or interest in the area within 
the TEI community. ISO liaison is an expensive activity, since they 
organize meetings all over the world, and the ideal candidate ought also 
therefore to have some money!

Laurent Romary wrote:
> As a matter of fact, TimeML is currently going ISO. Following a  
> workshop that was held in March between the TimeML people and the  
> Sigsem/ISO group on semantic content representation, the group  (chair: 
> Harry Bunt, Univ. Tilburg) decided to prepare a new work item  proposal 
> on temporal annotation that was sent around a few weeks ago  for ballot 
> within ISO/TC 37/SC 4. TimeML will be a strong inpiration  source for 
> the future standard, but as usual within TC 37/SC 4, the  idea would be 
> to generalize (and clean up!) the proposal, in  particular to identify 
> generic descriptors usaful in various temporal  annotation settings. I 
> guess the timing would be perfect to have a  joint activity between the 
> two group. In this very case, it may not  be necessary to share the 
> exact syntax on the two, but at least make  sure that there is a strong 
> cross-fertilization on the topic. I guess  that having a couple of 
> volunteers to keep track of ISO progress (and  meetings) would be a good 
> start.
> What do you  all think?
> Laurent
> Le 12 juin 06 à 01:01, Sebastian Rahtz a écrit :
>> With regard to external namespaces, I think there is a huge  
>> difference between widely
>> understood and open standards like SVG or MathML, and hole-in-the- 
>> corner stuff like
>> TimeML. We _should_ defer to other schemas and namespaces where  they 
>> exist,
>> but we should stick to things which come from reputable sources  like 
>> W3C, ISO
>> and maybe OASIS.
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