[tei-council] TEI model classes future directions

John A. Walsh jawalsh at indiana.edu
Wed May 24 15:58:17 EDT 2006

On May 24, 2006, at 7:20 AM, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

> John A. Walsh wrote:
>> What about something like classSpec/@sequence, which listed the   
>> sequence of elements by referring to IDs?  This  
>> classSpec at sequence  attribute (the default sequence) could be  
>> overridden in the  elemenSpec with a modified sequence.
> that can't work, because the members of the class vary according to  
> which modules are loaded. a moduleSpec does not know until runtime  
> which members it will get

Hmmm.  Then I wonder if elementSpec's could have something akin to  
the z-index CSS property.  Elements would be automatically assigned a  
z-index based on their context (i.e., order) in the ODD documents.   
But elements could have a z-index attribute explicitly set which  
would boost or lower their place in the sequence.  From an online  
reference: "The z-index property sets the stack order of an element.  
An element with greater stack order is always in front of another  
element with lower stack order. Note: Elements can have negative  
stack orders."  But instead of stack order, something like a ODD's z- 
index attribute could specify an element's precedence in the sequence.

> sebastian

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