[tei-council] TEI model classes future directions

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Wed May 24 04:54:07 EDT 2006

Syd Bauman wrote:
> By this I take it to mean the extended class system would break the
> capability to write extensions directly in RelaxNG, rather than in
> ODD. 
no, you can still write them. but if you do so,
you have to have a little understanding
of what you are doing. What you cannot
do in Relax is take

   model.foo.seq = a, b, c

and extend it to add "d" on the end
> How about DTDs?
same thing. If you say

   x.model.foo.seq = a |

you get a weird result.  this simply needs documenting.
>  XSD?
I have never understood how to write extensions
natively in XSD anyway, so no comment!

I am glad to see your jet lag is being so productive...

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