[tei-council] ongoing class struggle, plans

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Mon May 22 09:24:52 EDT 2006

Christian Wittern wrote:
> I trust that most of you have by now safely returned home and are now
> slowly recovering from whatever pain this trip has induced on you.
little pain, unless you count sleep deprivation; but lots
of fun (especially on the eating side...). Many thanks indeed
for the opportunity!
> I was hoping (and still am, in fact) that we can finish the class work
> very soon now. As far as I can see, only the names-dates report is
> still missing, but that will hopefully come in soon (MatthewD,
> Laurent -- when do you think this will be ready?)  I would like to ask
> the editors to work the remaining comments into the paper and present
> it to us, if possible within the next month. 
I'm hoping they can go further, and implement all
the changes we agreed to; and maybe they'll need to
present some more to discuss
> Once we have that done, we might be ready to announce another
> prerelease (0.5?)
that needs to come out by the end of June, I'd say
> Another thought that came me on my (admittedly short) trip home.
> Wouldnt it be nice if TEI customizations could by itself be a module?
> That would allow immediate inclusion of other things (for example the
> new PERS stuff, but also EpiDoc for the sake of an example) into
> existing customizations.  
can you explain what you mean a bit more? I don't
really see what you are asking for.

It is, by the way, possible to use the output of one
customization as input for another, if it amuses you.
Is that what you want to do?

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