[tei-council] 'fw' element part of model.milestoneLike?

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Thu Apr 20 11:40:42 EDT 2006

> > a) restrict 'model.milestoneLike' so that it may obtain only things
> >    that are actually milestones,
> > 
> > b) permit things that are like milestones, but aren't empty, in class
> >    'model.milestoneLike' (after all, that's what the "Like" is for
> >    :-), or 
> > 
> > c) rename 'model.milestoneLike' to something else
> I would argue for a) I think.

Yeah, me too. I would go with (a) for 'model.milestoneLike' and
create a new class (which probably goes in the very same places) for
<fw>. I've no idea what that new class would be called. Perhaps
'model.incidental' or 'model.peripheral' or some such. 

> How does one do this kind of tape break at the moment? ID reference
> back to <recordingStmt> ?

Beats me, but that's not a bad idea.

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