[tei-council] 'fw' element part of model.milestoneLike?

James Cummings James.Cummings at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Thu Apr 20 10:45:56 EDT 2006

Syd Bauman wrote:
>>Susan and I also noticed this. One could argue that it's
> I think there is an argument for claiming that <fw> is very like a
> milestone, but is not a milestone, because it is not empty. If we buy
> this argument, then the question remains whether we want to
> a) restrict 'model.milestoneLike' so that it may obtain only things
>    that are actually milestones,
> b) permit things that are like milestones, but aren't empty, in class
>    'model.milestoneLike' (after all, that's what the "Like" is for
>    :-), or 
> c) rename 'model.milestoneLike' to something else

I would argue for a) I think.  However, I agree with Christian that almost
anywhere that a milestone can be used <fw> should be allowed, so either
including it in the content model by itself or moving it to another class.  But
you are right, the superficial analysis doesn't go deep enough and you go on to
make some good points.

Although forme work is historically milestone-like in its relation to how it
appears on the printed page, it's function is not truly milestone-like in the
same what that milestone/pb/cb/lb are.  (forme work should of course allow the
inclusions of milestones, but that does not make it a milestone in itself.)

> Thus, I'm arguing that <fw> should not be in 'model.milestoneLike'
> not because it has content, but because it's not a milestone.


> On the other hand, putting <fw> in 'model.milestoneLike' gets that
> element to appear exactly where we want it. I.e., pragmatically
> speaking, this is where it belongs.

True.  I'm a hypocrite for suggesting that we shouldn't necessarily include it
simply because it is pragmatic (as I've previously suggested grouping things
with no instrinsic semantic connection), but well, it just seemed strange.

> E.g., if you are transcribing a long-winded speech by a boring
> politician, you might well have milestone elements to indicate the
> spots in your transcription where one audio cassette ends and the
> next begins. These milestone elements might, in theory, have content
> used to describe the cassette tape, e.g.:
>    <tapeBreak n="3">
>      <brand>Maxell</brand>
>      <length>43 m</length>
>      <duration>01:30:00</duration>
>      <label hand="wc">tap <foreign lang="es">tres</foreign></label>
>    </tapeBreak>
> But they could not contain content that is transcription of the
> politician's speech.

True.  I wouldn't necessarily say that milestones shouldn't contain child
elements, but that these shouldn't be elements of the text, rather metadata
concerning the milestone itself.  I believe people have occasionally added child
elements to pb/milestone to record similar information in the past and discussed
it on TEI-L.  (However, I can't recall the details at the moment.)

How does one do this kind of tape break at the moment?  ID reference back to
<recordingStmt> ?


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